Brad Paisley Believes Divorces Will Help Country Music


As any country fan knows, 2015 has been the year of the country music divorce. First there was Blake and Miranda, then came Reba and lastly came Jake Owen.

Yet, one country superstar who sorta supports these marital disunions is none other than the happily married Brad Paisley. “At first, Blake and Miranda got a divorce in our format, which is a big deal cause they are two of the biggest artists and it’s, and that was, that was such a bummer, and then Reba gets a divorce like right away, right after it. Now it’s an outbreak!” He said to Access Hollywood.

However, Paisley says that the divorce epidemic just may be good for the industry, leading to some good new music. “[It] is good for country music. That’s better song writing you know, there’s nothing worse than ‘aw I love you and everything’s great’ it’s better like ‘you cheating’ lying no good…’ Yeah those are the songs you want to hear.”

While he does have a point, we’d prefer our favorite country stars stay happily together forever. Tim and Faith, Garth and Trisha…don’t get any ideas!


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    Then why do you put out that kind of crap. Remember Whiskey Lullaby? Hello!!! While you’re at it, how about using more fiddle and steel guitar?

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