How Does Blake Shelton Prepare for a Big Show?


Blake Shelton represented the country music genre (along with Kenny Chesney) at this past weekend’s two-night Las Vegas iHeartRadio event. Before the red-red-red-red-redneck took the stage at the MGM Grand, Bobby Bones caught him in his dressing room for a pre-show powwow.

Since Blake was moments away from heading front and center, the radio personality expected the country music superstar to be preparing for his set in some way. However, what he found was drastically different than he imagined.

You’re about to go on. You’re doing nothing that I would think a major artist would do before a major performance. You’re just sitting here.

Of course, if you know anything about Blake, “sitting here” also included a little liquid courage to give him strength as he played for millions, both in person and through live streaming. He did point out that had his downtime not been interrupted, he would have gone zen, done some downward dog, or some upward seal; but those plans came to a halt when Bobby came in with his recorder.

Listen to the full, hilarious conversation between Blake and Bobby by clicking here.