Is Blake Shelton Dating Gwen Stefani?


According to Life and Style, nothing says romance like those big spinning red chairs on the set of The Voice. The tabloid alleges that recently-divorced Blake Shelton has been canoodling with his co-star, No Doubt frontwoman and newly single Gwen Stefani.


According to the mag, an insider reports of Glake, “They’re trying to keep it on the down-low, but it’s not happening partly because they’re all over each other. The chemistry between them is off the charts. Everyone on set sees that Blake and Gwen are falling for one another.”

However, according to gossip debunker Gossip Cop, this rumor couldn’t be further from the truth and is “completely untrue.”

Frankly, this story is bananas…B-A-N-A-N-A-S.



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    This would be a match made in heaven, would it not. Blake Shelton finally finds a Barbie Doll with bright red lips (his problem is she 45yrs old and has three kids) The Voice has turned out to be a show that promotes their Coaches. Blake wins most seasons, gets himself one of the young girls he can enjoy and tweet his love for. Seems strange he is hooking up with a 45yr old mother that plainly out shines him with her style. Now if only she can get him in her style of pants that look to be falling off. That style he has forever made light of… knowing Blake he may like those pants, after all he loves attention!

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