Hop on Board and Travel the U.S.A. with Mary Sarah (Watch!)


Twenty-year-old Texan turned Music City resident, Mary Sarah, is often described as a young girl with an old soul and vocal abilities that extend far beyond her years. What also sets Mary Sarah apart from others her age, as well as others who have walked similar paths in their cowboy boots, is her appreciation for who she is, where she came from, and where she is going.

And where Mary Sarah is going now is on a trip across America, performing the National Anthem in a variety of places and bringing her fans a web series, Anthems Across America, to commemorate each of these stops. Along with performance clips of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Mary Sarah can be seen chatting with passersby, ranging from children to teenagers to college students to working adults to war veterans. In each webisode, the patriotic musical powerhouse will teach fans history lessons about the United States, all the while showcasing her adorable and lovable personality that has captured the hearts of so many nationwide.

Watch the first webisode of Anthems Across America below and make sure to subscribe to Mary Sarah’s YouTube channel for updates.