Abbi Scott Is Pushing Up Yesterday’s Daisies (Listen!)


Abbi Scott just made a run for the top of the Internet radio charts with her last single “Flying”; and, now, the Indiana born and raised girl with pink hair and a rifle in tow is back with “Yesterday’s Daisies.”

An eerie sounding, heavy-hitting song about moving forward without even so much as glancing back at a former flame is next in Abbi’s repertoire, adding to a catalog filled with her collaborations with prestigious songwriters. Appropriately released as Fall emerged, the track, exuding confidence and resilience, focuses on the importance of living in the today and tomorrow, rather than being overly consumed by the yesterday.

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Abbi’s current single, which you can hear below, is now vying for top honors on the Iceman’s radio show. Make sure to contact the Internet radio personality to let him know you want to hear “Yesterday’s Daisies” on his daily countdown.

Download “Yesterday’s Daisies” on iTunes:


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