Zac Brown Band knows new sound isn’t exactly country but country radio still plays them…


There have been some memes floating around the ol’ internet calling out The Zac Brown Band for their new sound when they defended their old sound against the mainstream country stuff. Who knew that would come back to  bite them in the hiney? But at the end of the day, they’re full aware of what their experiment with this new sounds mean and are grateful country radio still play is.

They told The Boston Globe:

 “It’s not necessarily country music; it’s just that country radio plays us, and they’ve given us a home.”

They’ve proven their ability to stay traditional, so what’s the harm in showing off their ability to create an album so diverse and versatile in a time when country will accept that? Surely, you can’t argue with that. The album is a step away from all things we’ve come to know from ZBB, but isn’t that how progression works sometimes?

About the album:

“With ‘Jekyll + Hyde,’ we were really starting to think of how this would play in a show, We’re not really an album band. The album is basically a business card to get people to see us play live.”

If you haven’t seen them live yet then the only logical question is what are you waiting for?


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    How comical and hypocritical of Zak to admit that his album isn’t really country….guess he owes Luke Bryan a personal apology, if he has any class at all. He jumped in Luke’s chili over the music in the Crash My Party album not being country and that it was the worst music ever and that it was ruining country music.
    Guess Zak decided that dabbling with a new sound doesn’t count when someone else is doing it….when he is doing it, it an artistic choice. Not well done, Zak. Just my 2 cents on the subject.

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