Would you rather party with Sam Hunt or Luke Bryan?


One thing is certain in country music: There are a lot of artists singing about going to parties. And two of the artists singing about hosting some parties are Sam Hunt and Luke Bryan. But one is singing about parties in the sticks while the other is approaching it from a less rural stand point.

And with the crowd at country concerts wanting a “real life” experience to some of those song lyrics, is Sam Hunt closer to offering that than Luke?

The Washington Post recently had this to say:

 Instead of plotting another bash in the boonies, Hunt improvises a domestic party plan that would make Heloise proud: “Throw a neon T-shirt over the lamp shade/I’ll take the furniture, slide it out of the way.”

The melody is magnetic but it’s the shift of setting that feels most significant. “House Party” takes place in the exurbs — you know, where most of Hunt’s listeners actually live. He isn’t trying to forge country-boy cred by throwing a secret blowout in the middle of nowhere.

Whose party would you RSVP to?!