Stop What You’re Doing and Listen to “I Met a Girl” by William Michael Morgan


While the sonic shift in country music has been lamented ad nauseam in the past few years, William Michael Morgan is a breath of fresh air for his traditional sound. In fact, on first listen, one might immediately be transported to the heydays of 90’s country and the iconic voice of George Strait.

Although Morgan is only 22, he has a voice that’s wise beyond its years, allowing the song to shine in its simplicity. Written by Sam Hunt, Trevor Rosen (of Old Dominion) and Shane McAnally, the track is country music at its finest. Co-writer Hunt actually released his own version of the song on a mixtape (downloadable on his website), but Morgan brings it to life in a totally different way.

If, for every flash-in-the-pan bro coming out of Nashville right now, there was a William Michael Morgan, country music would be in very capable hands.

Listen to “I Met a Girl” here!