Why aren’t Emmylou Harris and Vince Gill the talk of All For The Hall?


All this talk about adding Paul Simon to Country Music Hall of Fame’s All for the Hall New York Benefit Concert on October 6 to perform with the likes of Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood and while yes, they are also appearing on the show, it seems like Emmylou Harris and Vince Gill are an after thought.  I mean…they’re LEGENDS honoring a place for LEGENDS. Ehh…while the focus is definitely a little off on how it’s promoted in my opinion, it is being promoted and I suppose at the end of the day…that’s all that matters.


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  1. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    We see it, but still its hard to understand why others don’t. Vince and Emmylou did so much for Country Music and still are. Their music so much better than most of todays. Of course we have the younger fans that hardly remember them, I guess.

  2. janetnave@gmail.com'
    janet nave

    So true. It is all about bro country crap spearheaded by fgl and luke. Ugh

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