EXCLUSIVE: Two Story Road Premieres Brand New Song “Arson”


Brandon and Jamelle Fraley, collectively known as country duo Two Story Road, are scheduled to released their debut EP to an eager fan base and intrigued industry this Fall. With the anticipation building to hear what the two will include on their offering, it appears the time is now to start hinting to the fans (affectionately termed “Roadies”) what can be expected.

Two Story Road participated in a suicide awareness/prevention event tonight in Nashville at The Listening Room Cafe (Pickin’ for Prevention), which consisted of six singer-songwriter acts. During a stellar four-act round, Brandon and Jamelle used their last performance opportunity to debut the first track on the EP, “Arson” (Two Story Road, Fred Wilhelm, Barry Weeks).

“Arson,” which can aptly be described as a “story song” synonymous with tracks of yesteryear (i.e. 1980s-1990s Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks), is a powerful piece that tells the tale of an abusive relationship between parent and child and an older sibling’s drastic measures to protect her sister. With stunning and explosive vocals that will chill you to the core and eerie instrumentals, “Arson” is a heavy-hitting track that tap dances on topical and emotional boundaries, crossing the line from artistic imagery to controversial dramatics. Suffice it to say, “Arson” is a track unlike any other in today’s country music and has the capabilities of becoming a trendsetting tune that can aid in jet-propelling a sometimes overly modernized genre back to a traditional sound that sets it apart from others.

Watch Two Story Road perform “Arson” here and let us know what you think of this track that will be a part of the duo’s forthcoming offering.

Lyrics provided below.

Arson Lyrics

Me and my sister Jessie were walking home from Sunday school; I said let’s take the long way, even though it’s against the rules. She said if Daddy finds out, you know they’ll be hell to pay, and I just said “let’s do it anyway.” Then the sirens started wailin’ wailin’ down at Jasper Square; Jessie grabbed my hand and I said “honey, don’t be scared.”

It’s just something burnin’, something going up in smoke; it’s just someone learnin’ something they should’ve learned long ago. Just some firemen or the sheriff, nothin’ to be scared of if they ain’t comin’ for you, and I know they ain’t comin’ for you, no. Oh I know they ain’t comin’ for you.

Trucks along the driveway, hoses layin’ across the lawn; burnt frame of a trailer, everything we had was gone. And a siren started wailin’ wailin’, racin’ Daddy back to town; Jessie started crying and I said “we’ll be alright now.”


They ain’t comin’ for you, they ain’t comin’ for you.

Jessie got adopted by our aunt in Abilene, and I’ll be here in Juvi ’til the day I turn eighteen. And Daddy’s somewhere he can’t touch no one; the paper called it arson, but I did what had to be done.

It’s just something burnin’, something going up in smoke; it’s just someone learnin’ something they should’ve learned long ago. When sister calls I tell her “it’s okay, I’m sleeping better, ’cause he ain’t comin’ for you. Now I know he ain’t comin’ for you, no. Oh I know he ain’t comin’ for you, no. Now I sleep better, I sleep better, ’cause he ain’t comin’ for you. Oh I know (oh I know) he ain’t comin’ for you.”

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