Scotty McCreery Takes a Patriotic Stand


The NFL is abuzz about Tom Brady‘s four-game suspension to begin the 2015 football season, courtesy of his participation in a little scandal fondly referred to as “Deflate Gate.” The Cliff’s Notes version of the event is that the New England Patriots deflated footballs during the 2014 Playoffs, shrinking the balls to below regulation. The Patriots went on to win the game that raised eyebrows and called the behavior into question, as well as the Super Bowl.

As a punishment to Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, the four-time Super Bowl champion was handed a four-game suspension, a sentence which was upheld by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last week. As can be imagined, Patriots fans were less than elated by the confirmation that their golden boy would be quarterbacking from the bench, and one of those disgruntled New England lovers was Scotty McCreery.

During a show in Mansfield, Massachusetts over the weekend, Scotty shared his opinion of the matter with a simple sign:


I, as a Miami Dolphins fan, will not comment on the punishment, but if you follow football, you probably know I’m sitting here cackling. Kudos to Scotty, however, for taking a stand. We are sure you gained yourself quite a bevy of fans in that moment.

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    scotty is so fantastic….he calls everything as he sees it….great guy,great morals ,and of course the best voice in country music today !!!


    I am not particularly a football fan, but I admire Scotty’s loyalty to his favorite QB.

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