Sam Hunt talks about that ‘Cop Car’ tweet

Sam Hunt - YouTube
Sam Hunt – photo via YouTube

You may or may not remember this tweet from Sam Hunt that he sent it out before he became the giant superstar he is today.

I don’t believe anyone has asked him about it. So I did.

“I was just being hit up by a lot of people with this congratulations and the circumstances surrounding that song and the way that that all happened weren’t necessarily ideal,” Sam said of the tweet. “I would have to go into a much deeper conversation to inform you as to why that was the case so it’s hard to really answer that in short.”

Despite still seeming to have some hard feelings, he goes on to say that it’s in the past now and he’s just happy fans have been able to enjoy the song.

We also discussed genre labels and what he hopes to accomplish someday. Enjoy!


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    That was very unprofessional of him to do what he did. He was not the sole writer of that song. The other 2 writers didn’t seem to have any issues.

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