Of course the best gift Kacey Musgraves has had thrown on stage had cuss words on it…


Fans typically go with the “I Love You” notes and stuffed animals to throw at their favs on stage, but when your fav is Kacey Musgraves you’ve got to think out of the box to grab her attention and make her smile. And Melanie G of Atlanta, we can confidently say you nailed it.

Kacey tweeted on photos of Melanie’s gift that made a lasting impression. It was a sash that simply said: “F*ck It”. Which, I would think would come in quite handy for Ms. Musgraves.



Reba performs a Christmas miracle

A lot has happened since Brooks & Dunn called it quits back in 2009. There was a midlife crisis, Ronnie laughed at fans hoping for a B&D reunion, the boys had a Facebook fight, Kix cleared the air about their Facebook fight, and then Ronnie went and got a record deal with Nash Icon recently. On top of all that, there were the persistent rumors that Ronnie and Kix didn’t care much for each other.
But alas there’s been a Christmas miracle! And it’s all thanks to Reba.

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