Miranda Lambert’s email reportedly hacked and info sold to tabloids


Well if you’ve ever wondered how tabloids get some of their juicy info, here’s your very 2015 answer: Hackers.

Since Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton called it quits a couple of weeks back, loads of tabloid stories have come out pointing fingers at just who is to blame for the divorce: Miranda, Blake, The Voice, Cady Groves, etc., etc., etc.

While most people tend to think the stories the tabloids come up with are completely fabricated, it turns out that at least some of the rumors that have been floating around may have been unknowingly coming from Miranda herself.

In Touch, the magazine Blake has threatened to sue over their newest cover story, is now tattling on a tattler: namely a lady going by the name “Brenda” who admitted to the magazine that she hacked Miranda Lambert’s email and then sold the pilfered contents to at least one tabloid.

From In Touch:

“I hacked into her account,” “Brenda” admits. “There are more than 35,000 emails. I’ve been going through them.”

At first, “Brenda” said she got her information from someone close to Blake and Miranda. But when pressured by In Touch, Brenda confessed to the hacking — then confirmed that she’d sold information to a supermarket tabloid, which published it. The published report came out in the last week of July and was attributed to an insider. The woman said that she cracked Miranda’s password and was still going through her emails before In Touch cut off all contact with her.

35,000 emails? Who does Miranda think she is, Hillary Clinton?

It really has to make you wonder if this newest story is for Blake’s benefit. Sort of a “back off because we know even more than we’ve written” sort of thing. Well if the previous part doesn’t make you wonder that, this part of their story just might. They write: “The most explosive information “Brenda” says she obtained from hacking Miranda’s account was not published.”

I have a feeling this fight isn’t over just yet. As for Brenda, it looks like she could be in a lot of trouble for the hacking if authorities (or Miranda Lambert) choose to try and track her down. There’s also the possibility that Brenda could just be a figment of In Touch’s overactive imagination and a way of making themselves look better by saying at least they didn’t purchase and print the worst of the info she was trying to sell. In any case, Miranda may want to think about changing her password.



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  1. abnabliz36@MSN.COM'

    Is this even a real story? Why report on this if ya don’t know? They have been saying she was pregnant w/ twins for years as well, why believe this magazine now?

    1. Shannon

      Meaning of gab from Dictionary.com

      To talk excessively or idly, esp about trivial matters; gossip; chatter.

      Seriously, am I the only one who knows what gab means?

      You’re reading a site called NashvilleGab. What exactly were you expecting?

      1. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

        Shannon, keep it coming….You do a good job with talking about everyone, don’t seem to have favorites. The only thing I have to say about this article, You’d think Brenda would want to get into Blake’s email. They would have to be better than Miranda’s, why is it women get trashed in a divorce? Better yet guess it would be hard for a ( Lady’s Hunk,) to handle if one had an affair with another.. A well known reporter the other day( Jimmy Carter) tweeted ” someone close to Blake is leaking to TMZ. facts of divorce,the timeline of divorce, now who did what to cause divorce. Huge Gossip!!”. Working to get the papers sealed and then running to TMZ to put blame on Miranda?? Even Josh Becket felt the need to come forward and let people know he had never even met Miranda Lambert. Something tells me Miranda is already winner here. she’s now lives in a home, bye bye metal barn! Yes, the Hounds should back off and I think will for awhile because there could be many name the Good Ole Boy wouldn’t want to get out there. I know one thing Blake Shelton is selling the magazines at the grocery market.

      2. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

        If Brenda gets into. Blake Shelton’s text messages, please get the article and text messages on here. I’d guess they would be more enteresting than Lambert e mails..

  2. jcsavely@gmail.com'

    Shannon, Keep reporting what you hear. I love your site and take most of the things from tabloids with a grain of salt. Personally, I think if Miranda were innocent of cheating she would have never allowed Blake to file for divorce first. She is always saying what a badass and mouthy she is and speaks out on almost anything. If Blake were cheating she would be talking all over the place with anyone and everyone and not taking the blame. She is not the shy type that would stand still and be talked about. They started out cheating while Blake was still married to Kay and it is not surprising to read that they both may have cheated on each other. Really good ambassadors for country music.

    1. Shannon

      Thank you so much Heather.

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