Man! Miranda Lambert Feels Like a Woman!


Shania Twain has been rocking this country, taking one city by storm at a time. Last night, she made her stop in Nashville, Tennessee, much to the excitement of the country music capital.

The list of attendees could read as a “Who’s Who?” in Music City (have you perused social media this weekend? Everybody was there!), and one specific new Nashville full-timer made another appearance in a string of girls nights as of late.

That’s right — Miranda Lambert ventured out for a night on the town to show her support to and celebrate one of country music’s biggest superstars. And it wasn’t just Miranda who was happy to spend the evening at Bridgestone Arena … Shania was thrilled to see the reigning ACM Female Vocalist of the Year at the big event. In fact, the now blonde starlet posted this photograph to Facebook, sharing her love for Miranda:


The caption on Shania’s Facebook page reads:

Girls night, love seeing you. | Miranda Lambert

Oh, and do you notice that Miranda is even sporting a slightly altered Shania Twain t-shirt? Why is it that fangirling when you are fangirl-worthy is so adorable, yet when laypeople do it, it comes off as creepy? Thoughts?

I digress. The more important question is: How do we get invites to the next girls night?!

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