Miranda Lambert Is Back in the Saddle Again


The past month has been rather eventful for Miranda Lambert, filling her days with media coverage of her personal life, impromptu intimate shows, and time with the girls in her world. In fact, the month has been so hectic and has placed so many eyes on the ACM Female Vocalist of the Year that it has been nearly impossible for the starlet to take some time away to focus on herself.

Luckily, Miranda was able to get a few quiet moments recently, proving that while she may not be entirely “over you,” Blake Shelton, she is ready to climb back in the saddle. Miranda shared a photo on Instagram of her sitting on and hugging her horse, Sophie, proclaiming that those hugs are the best.

Sophie hugs. Nothin’ better! #sofa #gypsyvanners #unicornsforever

If anything is going to continue to help Miranda heal from the recent changes in her personal life, it will be her love of and the love from the many animals she calls her own. And, it’s pretty safe to say that all of us who have pets ourselves know that sometimes there is no greater solace than the adoration that comes from them.



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  1. abnabliz14@MSN.COM'

    So glad she is done w/ Blake. He is a good singer/funny but he was just not a real artist. He is an actor and is ALWAYS playing the funny guy role- just exhausting. Almost 40 time to act your age. He only started getting industry recognition once they get engaged. Miranda in the other hand was already a winner w/ album sales and great reviews. Do find it funny that they work through all his many issues w/ other women thru their relationship but he can’t try to work things out now. Guess he wanted to be free fast since filming of his TV show was coming up. Sad. Anyway Miranda has NEVER has to have him to make great music. Hopefully now she can travel abroad b/c we can’t wait to see her in person.

  2. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    Lizzy you are right, Wonder has Blake made his HOME in LA. How many times have we heard him say” Tishomingo wasn’t home if Miranda wasn;t there. Life was paradise there, they always had so much fun it should be illlegal.” Guess it made for a good interview,. Now people are saying he is so happy, funny as ever. Great, Hollywood and Bubba Blackstock has done wonders for him. Miranda will be fine, yes she’s had a very successful career with many trying to knock her down, she has gotten back up. We can say Miranda is back in the saddle again.See she has Sophie in Nashville with her. Blake isn’t the only one working to win trophies…Sophie has her share. His walk the red carpet and hers sit on a shelf.

  3. handyByncm@gmail.com'
    Douglas Shackelford

    Nothin better! Miranda Lambert has been an animal lover long before loving Blake Shelton, and she spent some quality time with her horse Sophie yesterday.

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