Miranda Lambert Shows Off New Look


As Miranda Lambert says, “what doesn’t kill you only makes you blonder,” and in the wake of some life-altering changes, the country music superstar is proving that her lyrics are, indeed, quite true.

Miranda posted a photo, complete with new locks, on her Instagram just minutes ago, thanking hairstylist Lee Wright and Style House Salon for the look. In a very “life imitating art” message, Miranda has gone closer to platinum, celebrating the fact that blondes have more fun.

“What doesn’t kill you only makes you blonder” Thanks @leewright_hairstylist and @stylehousesalon for the new do! #platinum #blondeshavemorefun


Do you love Miranda’s new look as much as we do? Let us know!


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  1. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    I still say the best of Miranda is yet to come. Its time she spend some time on her new beginnng. Find that respect she does deserve, its out there for such a beautiful person as she. She is worthy of honesty…..

  2. abnoles21@MSN.COM'

    She looks great as usual! Looking forward to her fall all female tour. She is such a talent so glad that she is just moving ahead and not letting all of this crazy white noise get her down. Could care less about her personal life, her music has ALWAYS been the reason she is so special to me and country music!

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