Miranda Lambert Proves That Blondes DO Have More Fun!


Just days ago, Miranda Lambert debuted new hair, showing off some platinum locks that framed her beautiful face fabulously. This weekend, Miranda took that blonde hair and the mentalities that “blondes have more fun” and “what doesn’t kill you only makes you blonder” and conquered the streets of Charleston, South Carolina with loved ones in tow.

Posing for pictures with several other lovely ladies, Miranda celebrated a weekend of fun with the girls, ranging from dancing in the streets, to drinking, to sampling foods. It sure is nice to see Miranda hopping out of her little red wagon for some time on a new town with old friends!

Thanks Charleston, SC for an awesome weekend! #girlsnight #dancininthestreet #hallschophouse #food #drinks #beach #wewillbeback


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  1. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    So I vote for Miranda’s PR Women! No tweeting Blake likes to drink with married women or Blake is cheating. No doubt these they would probablyhollow for Blake to come have some fun with them.Love these gals and no doubt they will help put that big smile back on the prettiest girl in country music! Charleston is a wonderful place to have fun. Always good to see pictures that don’t have to be deleted as quick as they have been posted.

    1. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

      Hollering…These women drink, You know!!!!!

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