Mickey Guyton gets a visit from a sexy country singer…


It doesn’t suck to be country newcomer Mickey Guyton! On tour with Brad Paisley AND a surprise visit from Kip Moore? Pssssh. Living the dream!

While Mickey was out in St. Louis she posted the above photo with the caption “Look who came to visit” (there was also a kissy face emoji attached).  Pretty cool of ol’ Kip to make a stop to the area. You think there’s anything behind it? (HEY…like a duet or collab or something) or just happened to be in the area?


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  1. niezgoda@chartermi.net'
    Dave Niez

    Kip Moore…The hat…really? You or any other professional musician over 30 who “rock” that hat…wash your hair & get a cool cut…you are’t 17 anymore. Oh… that’s right…you don’t give a s***.
    An artist of your caliber needs something better…right?

  2. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    Mickey is cute and I think she is a great singer…..I was taking notice of Kip, after I saw he was in studio with JEWEL. What a turn off!

  3. janetnave@gmail.com'
    janet nave

    I agree. he prides himself on being him (gee like eric) but a lot of competition out there who look clean and pretty.

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