Michael Ray Opens Up About the Meaning Behind All Those Tattoos

michael ray takes fan beind his tattoos

There’s no denying that Michael Ray is one of country’s hottest rising stars, having just scored his first #1 single with his debut release “Kiss You in the Morning.” In addition to his talent and his voice, fans have taken notice of his tattoos, all which have meaning to the Florida singer.

Michael opened up to iHeartRadio about his tattoos, including his first, his next and the one he and his dad share.

michael ray cross tattoo

On his cross tattoo and tribal sleeve on his left arm:

“First one is this cross [when] I was seventeen. When I was about thirteen, my dad started getting tattoos, and he always had motorcycles, and so everybody around us always had tattoos. I always wanted some sort of faith based tattoo where I could see it. I always wanted to do music, and I know there were ups and downs, so [the tattoo] is a reminder that God’s with you type thing. So, my dad didn’t have as many as he has now yet, and so he said, ‘Man, why don’t we get the same sleeve, same arm?’ I was like ‘well that’s cool.’ I’ll have that forever, so, I was like ‘Man, whatever you want I’ll get.'”

michael ray microphone tattoo

And he also opens up about his musical tattoo, a microphone and music note on his right forearm:

“I wanted something with music in it, so I talked to my tattoo artist, Randy, the same guy that’s done all my stuff. I was like, ‘Man, I want something with music. I want something that’s cool.’ At the time, my buddy’s cousin let me use this style microphone. And my grandmother, and my aunt, her sisters, were always big Elvis fans. So I always saw this microphone Elvis used. And I just happened to be using one of these, because my buddy’s cousin let me borrow his. So through high school, and playing different bars and stuff. I was like, ‘Man, I want this old school microphone. I’m using this.’ I originally wanted it to go all the way around my arm, and he was like, ‘Man, let’s just do the forearm thing.’ So he free hand drew this on my arm, and then with marker, and then tattooed it.”

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