Meghan Linsey bravely reveals her own rape inspired song on new EP “Believer”

Meghan Linsey Believer

Sexual assault isn’t something that you hear singers talk openly about very often, but “The Voice” alum and former Steel Magnolia singer Meghan Linsey is hoping that speaking out about her own traumatic experience might help others who have gone through the same thing.

Meghan recently chatted with Gab friend Jason Scott from Popdust and revealed the shocking story behind the song Best of Me from her amazing new (although un-country) EP Believer.

“When I was in high school, I was drugged and gang raped. It was really depressing. I wrote [‘Best of Me’] about that experience,” she shares in an exclusive Popdust interview. “One in four women are drugged and raped. I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to, sadly. I needed to write about that. I hadn’t written about it.”

She then recalls the day she wrote Best of Me, allowing all those pent up emotions to pour out onto the page. “I got into a room with my friend Robbie [Hecht], and we had this track Tyler had produced. I was like ‘this is what I want to write about.’ He was like ‘are you sure?’ I was like ‘yes, I need to.’ He was my therapist for a couple hours,” Linsey, whose pain hangs in the air when you hear the track for the first (and every) time. “We wrote it all down. It turned out to be the most powerful song on the EP. That one might do the most good, too, in the long run.”

Wow. There really are no words.

As sad and horrible as her own personal experience may have been, Meghan is hoping some good can come of it and she says that she’s hoping to partner with an organization to be a voice for those who can’t speak up.

So, so brave. I applaud Meghan for talking openly about something so unspeakable. Hopefully her willingness to share her story will help others and she’ll be able to find the perfect organization to team up with in the very near future.

Check out the rest of Jason’s interview here.

And be sure to check out Best of Me below. It’s even more amazing now that I know the story behind it.