Meet Tyler Farr’s alter ego…


When you fall, you’ve got to get back up again, right? And having a good sense of humor helps. Tyler Farr recently biffed it on stage and decided he better change his name to Tyler Fall. Get it? Okay, just making sure. Because he was SUCH a good sport about it, I won’t even mention that his fall might be the most entertaining thing he’s ever done on stage.  Relax…I’m kidding.

Check out Tyler’s trip below:


Plant Based Meal Replacement

Eating healthy gets increasingly difficult as our lives grow more hectic. Preparing a balanced, nutrient-rich dinner may be time- and labor-intensive. That’s why plant-based meal

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Taylor Swift is just like us …

Taylor Swift enjoyed a holiday stroll with her family in NYC the day after she and her little brother opened a gift early…and she found out he was gifted a nerf gun that he used to take a shot at her. You know…normal things.

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