Luke Bryan Performs Virtual Duet with Jason Derulo


As we know, the country music genre is constantly evolving and shifting, becoming a wheel with many sub-genre spokes. Though superstar Luke Bryan has stayed pretty true to a modern country sound, it doesn’t mean he can’t venture out on occasion…and he did so in a recent virtual karaoke session with R&B star Jason Derulo. Holding his own with the R&B vocalist with range for days, Luke hit notes of heights his fans have not heard in the past, but will revel in knowing he can kick the dust up while also raising the bar up.

Luke’s portion of the song was recorded using the “Sing! karaoke app,” which superimposes fans’ voices with their favorite artists. Considering his recent partnership with the app, Luke decided to give the program a whirl and see what his fans are experiencing when they combine their voices with his. The result is something you must see.

Click here to get your fix of the R&B version of Luke Bryan and see how he measures up next to Jason Derulo.