Luke Bryan Digitally Signing Albums for 24 HOURS ONLY – TODAY!


Fresh off the release of his new album Kill The Lights, today, Saturday, August 8th, Luke Bryan will participate in a groundbreaking initiative where he will interact with fans in a Facebook digital album signing for *24 hours only*.

Luke will spend 24 hours, beginning at noon Central Time today, signing albums on Facebook. From a post on Luke’s Facebook page, fans will be able to purchase his new album, Kill The Lights, by clicking the link to and leaving a comment on his post. Fans will then receive a response from Luke himself with their digital album cover. Fans will also have the ability to share this historic experience with friends and connect with Luke like never before.

Earlier this week Luke helped launch the new Live for Facebook Mentions, as a way to connect with his fans by sharing live video and the Facebook digital album signing is another way in which Luke is engaging with his fans at scale.

You can visit for more details and can view Luke’s Facebook post starting at 12pm CT by clicking here: