So the Luke Bryan Candle is Now a Thing…


Welp, I think I’ve officially seen it all. Luke Bryan is now on a candle.

While his new album Kill the Lights hits stores on Friday, Luke has partnered with Yankee Candle to give fans a whiff of what he smells like. Apparently, it’s some sort of vanilla bourbon concoction. Thank God because I was afraid it’d be catfish dinner.

Anyway, the Luke luminary is not available (yet!), but you can enter to win it via Yankee Candle.



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    How far will he prostitute himself. Disgusting.


    Disgusting? Only if you already hold a negative opinion of Luke Bryan.

    As someone with a marketing background, I have to say it’s a clever, tongue-in-cheek marketing approach to do a tie-in to a popular candle company with this particular album release. It’s called Kill the Lights. What could be more perfect than a candle as a merchandise item? And another thing that makes this a winner is that his target audience happens to be the candle buying crowd as well. This is a deliciously appropriate item and one that will be a perfect stocking stuffer for the Luke Bryan fan base.

    The concept makes me giggle with his audacity to think of marketing this, and at the same time tweak the haters into a tizzy fit!

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