Kip Moore is looking for Magic in new song

Kip Moore courtesy

Kip Moore photo courtesy

Magic! Magic! He’s gotta get him some of that Magic! Anyone got some Magic for Kip Moore?

Kip shared a new song called Magic from his upcoming album Wild Ones (out August 21) with Entertainment Weekly this morning, telling the magazine that the song came about when he started thinking about the way love is described on the radio as a fairytale and how he knows love is anything but a fairytale.

“I’ve never really believed anybody who’s singing about that stuff,” Kip says. “That’s where the opening lines ‘I never believed in fairy tales / Even when I was a kid / It sounded like another trick / To put us all to bed’ come from—and I want to believe what I’m hearing and singing about.”

Take a listen to Magic below (or here if that doesn’t work) and let us know what you think.

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