Kenny Chesney’s Dad Gets Arrested For Golf Clubbing A Man…

Dave William Chesney (Photo: Claiborne Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Dave William Chesney
(Photo: Claiborne Co. Sheriff’s Dept.)

Looks like someone took a play out of Tiger Wood’s ex wife’s playbook. Kenny Chesney’s pop, Dave Chesney, was arrested  for allegedly assaulting another man with a golf club. Ummm….yeah. I’ll save all my FOOOOORE jokes because this is kinda serious.  Dave Chesney was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism under $500.

According to the incident report, Chesney is accused of punching a 32-year-old man in the face and then hitting him in the arm with a golf club. He is also accused of knocking the victim’s sunglasses off his face and stomping them with his foot. Chesney was taken to the Claiborne County Jail in Tennessee.  You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

Hope all involved are okay. Forget straight outta Compton….when you’re Straight Outta Tennessee.


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    Nancy Brosius

    What did he say about Kenny’s singing??

    Nancy Brosius

    What did he(the man)say about Kenny’s singing??


    A play out of the Tiger Woods ex wife’s playbook”…..Really! From this article the real story is yet to come. Makes one wonder should a 32yr old male kept his jealousy in control and mouth shut about Mr Chesney’s son. Love Kenny and all his success…this last tour has broken records. Kenny deserve it all……

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