Kenny Chesney Becomes Chief of Kansas City


Only Kenny Chesney, during his massive revival, can single-handedly take down Pink Floyd and be hailed “Chief” of Kansas City.

In 1994, Pink Floyd filled Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium with 56,134 fans ready to rock out to the classic goodness of the band’s catalog. The attendance marked the highest number of fans to attend a concert at the stadium for over twenty years. Then Kenny Chesney brought The Big Revival Tour to Missouri and Pink Floyd’s record became history while Kenny made history.


The show, which was Kenny’s fourth headlining event at the stadium, brought in a total of 57,368 members of “No Shoes Nation,” all of whom were ready to party. When Kenny found out about the attendance record, he humbly stated:

I had no idea about the number when we took the stage. Pink Floyd are rock icons. Every kid’s high school experience… I never ever would’ve thought something like that could happen. We’ve been coming to Kansas City for years, and they’ve always been really loud audiences. But when we hit the stage, it felt like all those years, all those shows were added up into one – and that was what we were being hit with. I could hear the cheers when the intro film was running. It was so loud, I could barely hear the music – and from the very first second I was out there singing, the audience was electric! It felt like being at the bottom of a mountain, and an avalanche just kept rolling over you. The energy, the heart, the passion had that much force and it didn’t let up – not once all night.

A moment that specifically stood out to Kenny was during his performance of Number 1 single “American Kids“:

Kansas City took ‘American Kids’ to a whole other place. They made it their own. But they took over a bunch of the songs – and it was awesome. When you’ve played somewhere for several years, and the passion grows, that’s what you’re trying to create. It’s the best part of what we do up here. And man, Kansas City just leveled me. Every show we’ve ever played, all the way back, they hit us.

Kenny still has several stadium dates left if you want to help him continue to make his mark on the history books: Denver’s Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High August 8th; Met Life Stadium in New Jersey August 15th; Detroit’s Ford Field August 22nd; and two at Foxboro’s Gillette Stadium August 28-29th.