Kelsea Ballerini Sticks It to Some Boys Online


As if females in country music don’t already struggle enough, leave it to some male “fans” of the genre to pour some salt in an already gaping wound. How did they do this, you may ask? By discussing the female artists who have fought long and hard to build their careers in a way that makes them seem more like objects than human beings.

Don’t worry, ladies. Kelsea Ballerini, one of the most notable artists (not just female artists either … artists) in the industry stood up for her peers and told these boys where she would like to stick her “stilettos.” Check out the tweet from Black River’s first Number 1 charting singer-songwriter here:

High five, Kelsea! Thank you for calling “dibs” on being an ambassador for women everywhere.


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    Jen, Yes, this is terrible out of young men…Power to Kelsea for letting them know it wasn’t ok to talk like that. After seeing pictures that were posted this very evening, another one of our Country Girls came to mind. Girl Power does win out in the long run. Stick together girls!!!

    Dank Memer

    Lol at all the girl power comments

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