Kelsea Ballerini Gives Underage Fan Private Show


We have all been there — underage and wanting to attend a show — and, wow, is that the worst. Kelsea Ballerini knows a thing or two about being too young, which she made evident on her album, The First Time, with the final track, appropriately titled “Underage.”

During a recent Arizona show (KMLE 107.9’s Country Man Jam), a fan faced the horrible experience of being told that she would be denied access to the event because she was not twenty-one. After attempting to negotiate entry with the radio station (which explained it was illegal to allow anybody under twenty-one in due to casino laws), the fan tweeted Kelsea, the artist she was most looking forward to seeing.

As she continued to tweet to the radio station and others regarding the situation, the wheels were turning in Kelsea Ballerini’s head and she was about to call “dibs” on taking control of the matter. A few hours after the Twitter discussion and the fan’s plea to Kelsea, the Number 1 artist from Black River Entertainment shocked the underage girl when she came to meet her.

What is also amazing is the private meeting didn’t end there. Kelsea made sure that the fan didn’t go home without hearing her two singles, “Love Me Like You Mean It” and “Dibs,” which she performed on the spot.

Kelsea Ballerini, once again, proves that she is an incredibly special human being, above being a phenomenal singer-songwriter. It brings us great pride to cover someone with such a kind heart and beautiful spirit, and we love that Kelsea has become an ambassador for the country music genre. Kelsea, you are special beyond words.