Kelly Clarkson Makes a Fan’s Dreams Come True


When it comes to stars, we like them down to earth and good to their fans. The summer’s cover queen Kelly Clarkson is apparently both of those things, as evidenced by a recent meet & greet in Phoenix, Arizona.

19-year-old Angelica Elias, who has Down Syndrome, attended the show with her sister Carolina Elias Joos, who gave the scoop to E! News.

According to the article, “When it was Angelica’s turn to meet Kelly, Joos says her sibling gave the singer a big hug before saying “hi baby” to Kelly’s belly. “That’s the baby in there! Say hi!” Clarkson replied, at which point Angelica blew her baby bump a kiss. Too cute!”

And despite the 100 degree heat, Angelica asked the mom-to-be to duet with her on “Silent Night” and she happily obliged.

Watch the adorable video here!

Read the full story here!

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