Kelly Clarkson covers the Fugees’ ‘Killing Me Softly’

Kelly Clarkson in Las Vegas 8/16/15 - photo via Twitter/kelly_clarkson
Kelly Clarkson in Las Vegas 8/16/15 – photo via Twitter/kelly_clarkson

The current queen of covers, Kelly Clarkson, kills it again with this fan-requested cover of the Fugees’ Killing Me Softly in San Diego.

Yep, I’ll be singing the one lyric I know from this song over and over and over all day now.


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    Tammy Lively

    Girl…that is a cover of a cover. The original (and best version, in my opinion) is Roberta Flack. It went to #1 in 1973. I know this because I’m old. 😉


      When I read the title of this post my jaw dropped. Lauryn Hill with and without the Fugees did a respectable cover of thumis iconic classic. I was raised on everything from country to folk, rock to R&B and every genre in between but the oversight of Roberta Flack was too much ti take. I like Kelly Clarckson but this was a mediocre at best. Listen to Roberta nail it over and over again on albums, in all kinds of live performances. Lauryn Hill possesed that soul, that feeling of the anticipation and almost fearful quote from the pit of her stomach as did Roberta Flack. Thus was just a lounge cover in my opinion

    shannon covington

    First off, I do respect Kelly Clarkson, but shouldn’t this be Kelly Clarkson rocking a cover if the Lauryn Hill/Fugees cover of the incomparable Miss. Roberta Flack. Lauryn Hill was able to dig deep and find that pit of your stomach pain much d with the anticipation of the belief that he truly is “singing my life with his words”. Clarkson’s version is an enjoyable cover but nothing but a little entertaining as a whole. Raised in an all holds barred family (than you dad for all of the musical road trip games and mom for putting up with us).

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