Want to Catch Kelly Clarkson’s Attention in Concert? Bring a Baby!


When it comes to catching an artist’s attention in concert, fans usually try a variety of techniques ranging from holding up signs, wearing homemade T-shirts or waving like fools. However, if you want to catch Kelly Clarkson’s attention, forego all of those traditional methods and bring a very cute baby.

During a show in Salt Lake City, Utah, a tot by the name of Boston caught Clarkson’s eye mid-“Breakway,” literally bringing the show to a screeching halt. In the video, posted by Boston’s dad, Joshua Skinner, you literally see the singer’s ovaries explode when she spots the baby, asking “Can I hold him?”

It’s a good thing little River Rose isn’t old enough to get embarrassed yet, as her mama asks Baby Boston, “Do you want a wife? I have a little girl, she’s super cute like you with blue eyes and blonde hair…Boston, River, one day you can be together.” As she returns the baby and notices his tiny converse, she reveals her future plans. “I want a little boy…I mean, I love my little girl, but I just want a little boy.”

After returning the baby to his mom, Clarkson apologizes to the crowd for ruining “Breakaway,” adding “You can listen to it at home. It sounds great on the radio…You knew whose show you were coming to, I’m a mess!”

Holy Baby Fever Batman!

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