Keith Urban Says He and Nicole Kidman Are Suriving The Summer of Divorces…


2015 will be remembered as the year of divorces, but according to Keith Urban one divorce that will not be added to the list is his and Nicole Kidman‘s.

He told ET News:

“It’s our priority, you know? It’s what we love to do more than anything in the world.”

They’ve been married 9 whoppin’ years and have a plan for making their marriage work. No matter how busy or successful the two get and how far that takes them away from each other, they know that being together is their # 1 job. And that’s what makes them confident it will last.

Whew. That’s a relief!


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    See this is what people should write about. The truth. Thank u, Nashville Gab, for writing something truthful and positive. The less crappy gossip, the better. But this, is what magazines should put as their articles. Good stuff 🙂

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