Just Press Play On Statesboro Revue’s “Jukebox Revival”


Statesboro Revue’s Jukebox Revival brings a laid back feeling back to a genre that’s been dominated in the past few years by chart-toppers like Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line who use the thumping back beat pretty liberally.

It kicks off with “Bedroom Floor,” which sets the vibe for the whole album. It’s a slower song, but it’s not ballad-slow. It’s the kind that invites you to kick off you’re shoes, grab a cold drink, and relax on the coach after a hard day’s work.

Another slower selection, “Count on Me,” is the main love ballad. It still manages to keep with the laid back vibe thanks to the vocals of Stewart Mann where he’s telling his woman he’ll be there whenever she’s in trouble.

While it’s a laid back feeling throughout, there are more than a few songs that kick the tempo up just enough to break up the slow dancing such as “Every Town,” “Tallahassee,” “Roll on Mama,” “Like the Sound,” and “Honkytonkin.” The songs don’t punch you in the ears like most tend do due these days, but they’ll be sure to get you grooving.

The album ends with a trip to church on “Last Ramble.” It’s a mostly acoustic song that sounds as if it was played on a sunny Sunday in Texas on the edge of a small creek.

Nothing feels forced on this record. It doesn’t seem as if there was an actual intention to keep it to one genre. There’s definitely a country feel to it, but it also has an old school rock and roll vibe that gives it a touch of swagger.

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The record makes you feel good about life, and that’s a feeling we could all use more of today.






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