Jo Dee Messina Invites Tucson Fan to Join Her Band


Well, at least for a few minutes during her August 5th Arizona Fox Tucson Theatre show.

Prior to Jo Dee Messina‘s show earlier this week, Tucson’s hit country music station, KIIM FM (99.5), held a one-of-a-kind pre-party hosted by morning show personality Shannon Black. During the “My Give a Damn’s Busted” pre-show event, Tucsonan Ashley Smith won her chance to join the artist who took a stand and ranted on behalf of women everywhere for a special performance of “He’s Messed Up.”

“He’s Messed Up,” which appears on Jo Dee’s latest album Me, was the most appropriate song on the set list on which to include a fan for a very unique reason — the studio version likewise features fans. During the chorus on the album, there are background responses to the lyrics, as well as clapping throughout, all of which was provided by fans who donated to the Kickstarter project to produce the album. Therefore, it made sense to welcome a talented fan to the stage to create a live replica of the album cut.

Ashley, a fan who deemed the experience “Truly a dream come true” on KIIM FM’s Facebook page, stood on the theatre stage side-by-side with one of the best vocalists in the history of music and lent supportive harmonies before an entertained crowd. Ashley, from the videos we received from our friends at KIIM FM, it certainly appears that you practice quite a bit in your “downtime” because you certainly were able to “burn” up the stage! Congratulations on winning this once in a lifetime experience!

Watch a short clip of Ashley’s background vocalist dreams coming true below, courtesy of Shannon Black from KIIM FM (99.5) in Tucson, Arizona.

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    Ashley Smith

    Thank you! It was definitely one of the greatest moments in my life to sing with my favorite country singer. Not only is she one amazing singer but her personality makes her an even more amazing person. I love her that much more!

    1. Jen Swirsky

      She’s hilarious and so talented. Congratulations on an awesome experience!

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