Jo Dee Messina Brings Her Hits to Pandora (Watch!)


Pandora launched its “Whiteboard Sessions” years ago to bring music fans intimate performances from their favorite artists, spotlighting these in-office sets on Wednesdays in their “Whiteboard Wednesday” segments. Recently, multi-platinum selling, Grammy nominated country music artist Jo Dee Messina took time away from the big stage on her nationwide tour to visit the offices of Pandora in Oakland, California and give the employees a small sampling of what her fans are seeing at her shows.

During the visit, which was shared today via Pandora’s blog, Jo Dee performed her first single, “Heads Carolina, Tails California,” with the accompaniment of her band. What is especially noticeable in this particular video is the immense talent of the guys who lend Jo Dee instrumental and vocal support. In the confines of the office, Jo Dee has four band members (three guitars and keys) sharing the spotlight with her, each of whom remarkably lends his talents to her performance, creating a beautifully harmonious sound.

Also of particular note is the fact that Jo Dee Messina never makes two performances sound or look alike, always adding a unique flair to her deliveries, ensuring that repeat showgoers always take home a new experience. This particular video of “Heads Carolina, Tails California” is no exception, as the version of the hit song includes distinguished vocal layering and concentrated performance energy, combining a simple scene with a complex collaboration among members of the musical family.

Watch Jo Dee Messina perform “Heads Carolina, Tails California” at the Pandora offices here: