Shine Bright Like Jennifer Nettles


Country music star Jennifer Nettles isn’t the only thing that shines these days; the jewelry line she recently launched with designer Carolyn Pollack is also glistening brightly. The line, which can best be described as “boho chic,” is available now on American West Jewelry and ranges in price from $50 to $350. What shoppers will notice is that the pieces are sterling silver and feature a wide array of gems and were handcrafted in the United States.

Below are some photographs from Jennifer’s and Carolyn’s line:


jennifer-nettles-bracelet jennifer-nettles-earrings

Visit American West Jewelry to see the entire collection and let us know if you pick up any of these dazzling pieces!


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    janet nave

    She is a has been after dumping sugarland. Gee, like ronnie dunn.

    Bethany Dorian

    I love Jennifer Nettles and Carolyn Pollack is my go-to designer for adding style to my look! This is a match made in heaven!

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