Jason Aldean sticks it to Spotify again


Well, this is one way to look at it. Jason Aldean recently spoke out about Spotify and his outlook was a little on the bold side. He stuck it to the streaming service and painted himself as an independent artist fighting an unphill battle against a corporate machine.

“As artists, we don’t make crap off of streaming,” he claims. “Lots of major record companies are part owners in Spotify, so they’re gonna get their money regardless. I’m more about the small guy. I’m on a smaller label. I’m an indie guy. I’m not the big commercial grocery store. I’m the mom-and-pop store.”

But have no fear, this isn’t about hurting his fans, it is about helping out the little man:

“I want fans to hear my music whenever they want. But there’s also a right and wrong way to do it. It’s easy for everybody to stand back and not take a stand. They think there will be a backlash or don’t understand how it works. It’s easier to go along with what everybody else is doing. For me, I got a lot of friends who make a living writing songs, and those guys are getting cheated.”

Tech Times was quick to point out: Aldean’s portrayal of himself as David versus Spotify’s Goliath seems a bit disingenuous when you consider his history, though. In 2012, after signing a corporate sponsorship deal with Coors, Aldean agreed to change the lyrics of his already-released number one song “Take A Little Ride” from “grab a little Shiner Bock” to “grab a couple Rocky Tops”. Some beer drinkers refer to Coors as “Rocky Top,” while Shiner Bock is a competing beer brand.

You think they can ever take Spotify down?