Jana Kramer Has More on the Way Than a Baby Girl…

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There is also a new album that will be making its way into the world … and soon!

Jana Kramer shared with USA Today that her new album, Thirty-One (named for her age), will be released on October 9th under Warner Bros. Records, and the actress turned artist could not be more ready to introduce this project to her fans. Jana explained to USA Today‘s Brian Mansfield:

I want this title to be strong; I want this title to be me. I want this title to somehow portray the woman that I am. There’s no other way of saying that than “Thirty-One” [sic]. In my mind, thirty-one shows strength, confidence and grace. That’s exactly who I feel like I am as a person and what I’ve been through in my life.

According to the article, Jana co-wrote six of the eleven tracks on the album, and with her songwriting came the messages she has been wanting to relay through her music.

That (first) album for me was super-rushed. and this album, I really got to take my time. I got to write the songs I wanted to write. That is huge for an artist, to have that creativity and vulnerability and confidence to write these songs. With this album, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted to say.

Fans can pre-order Jana Kramer’s Thirty-One now by visiting her official website.


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    I really like Jana’s music! wish her well in Country music, on the new baby girl and new music she has coming soon for fans

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