Jake Owen Opens Up About Divorce at Recent Performance

Jake and Pearl - photo via Twitter
Jake and Pearl – photo via Twitter

Jake Owen took the stage this past weekend at WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota to give his first performance since announcing his divorce on Friday. The singer experienced a variety of technical issues during his set, but returned for an acoustic encore that included a cover of the Garth Brooks’ classic “The Dance.”

Owen stopped mid-song to address the crowd in a genuine heartfelt moment that many others probably would avoid. “I think maybe a lot of people would maybe shy away from it. I’ve been going through something really sad in my life. My wife and I are getting a divorce and this is probably the hardest shit I’ve ever done in my life. To walk on stage every night and try to pretend like everything is awesome when it really ain’t always awesome, ya know what I’m saying?”

Owen continues, “But thanks to people like you guys for singing along. You have no idea how much you guys life me up every single night and I love my life more than anything in the world, and I love my little baby girl Pearl more than anything in the world, and if it wasn’t for both of them, I wouldn’t even be here right now a happy man. That’s a dance I’m glad I got to dance and I”m glad you guys got to sing it with me tonight.”

Watch the heartfelt moment here!


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