Is Taylor Swift Showing Her Support of Kacey Musgaves?


So, here’s the deal: Kacey Musgraves and Taylor Swift share quite a few similar qualities that make it easy to be a fan of both. However, there’s this weird unspoken feud the media has credited between the two. The fact Kacey is friends with Katy Perry never really helped the situation either. BUT….there’s a silver lining. Taylor “liked” a post on Tumblr about Kacey. And for those that don’t know…Taylor has used Tumblr to get your opinion out on several matters without really having to address them.  I know, I know…let’s not get ahead of ourselves, all this could mean is Taylor genuinely just liked the post….but c’mon, how cool would a co-write be between the two?

A combo of “All Too Well” and “Fine” would make me explode! Just putting that in the universe…

Check out the post Tay Tay liked about Kacey below:

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