How to Join Taylor Swift’s Squad if You’re Famous…


I’m a pretty big Taylor Swift fan, but even I can’t help but notice some things that cause me to stop and tilt my head with a “WTF” expression on my face. Like for instance, bring Avril Lavigne  on stage as a special guest. Now, bringing random people on stage as special guests is totally Taylor’s thing so that’s not unusual. But there was a post going on comparing Taylor’s meet and greets to other artists, including Avril, saying how much better Taylor’s were and apparently Taylor liked it on Tumblr.

Well, this got back to Avril, who publicly, defended the action of comparing people against one another.

Next thing you know she’s on the stage with Taylor. Much like when Lorde made that comment about Taylor being too perfect then you see them being BFF’s.

Think Taylor is going above and beyond to make sure all is good once these comments surface or it’s just an add coincidence?