Has Kacey Musgraves gone soft? Hardly.


Whether she intended this to happen or not, Kacey Musgraves has been labeled a rebel in the music industry, covering topics that were deemed un-traditional or taboo. But some have called her new album a touch softer than her Multi Grammy Award Winning “Same Trailer, Different Park” album.  So has she lost some of that rebel spirit? Not at all.

She told The Guardian recently:

So, what has happened to Musgraves’s rebel spirit? Where is the LGBT ally, the advocate of getting high, to whom newcomers had pledged allegiance? “Nothing that anyone has said has really affected the way that I create,” says Musgraves, more forcefully. “I don’t wanna repeat myself. I’ve already said those things. That doesn’t mean I’m scared to say them any more. I’m moving on, I’ve tackled those things and said what I wanted to say. Let’s look at other topics.”

Makes sense. Pageant Material is a refreshing introduction to modern day issues many “normal” people face. While it may not push the envelope with risky topics, it doesn’t make it any less relatable to a crowd that has been hungry for someone to tap into the type of topics their lives experience every day.

Her latest single “Dime Store Cowgirl” is an anthem for middle America and the forgotten ones.  Haven’t heard it yet? Try requesting it at your local radio station.


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