Gord Bamford Makes His Sirius XM The Highway Debut (Listen!)


The Canadian Country Music Association Male Vocalist of the Year, Global Artist of the Year, and recipient of Single of the Year, Gord Bamford, recently made the move to Nashville to embark on an American journey in his musical career. This weekend, Gord’s award-winning single, “When Your Lips Are So Close,” made its mark on Sirius XM The Highway’s On the Horizon, further introducing the crooner with a tremendous Canadian fan base to the United States.

“When Your Lips Are So Close” is a lustful tune that shares the struggle of physical distance and desires. The lyrics tend to support the difficulties one can experience when wanting somebody at a time and place that is simply inopportune for them both. The chorus explains:

Girl, I wanna reach right out, wrap you in my arms right now, never let go, never let go. ‘Cause I just gotta taste you, baby, you know it drives me crazy to be so far away when your lips are so close, when your lips are so close.

Through this moderately slow tempo song, Gord spotlights the deep and smooth vocals that have won the hearts of fans in his native country, showing that his talent is a viable commodity for international radio play, as well. We are excited to welcome Sony recording artist Gord Bamford to the United States, especially his new hometown of Nashville, and can’t wait to see the impact he makes on the industry here.

Watch Gord Bamford’s “When Your Lips Are So Close” video:


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  1. jodyjdc@aol.com'

    Originally shown on Roughstock website a few months back. Was supposed to reach country radio July 13. Great talent. U.S. country radio has shunned many Canadian artists for years, since they put out real country music, not butt kissing bro crap. They also play many female artists. The Highway plays all new and emerging country artists, both male and female. The fan voted Stormie Warren top 45 is full of artists they want to vote for and support, since this is the only U.S. radio source that doesn’t have a corrupt, political agenda. You will never hear many of these on regular country radio, due their agenda and stale, repetitive rotation.

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