Florida Georgia Line To Take A Break From Country Radio…


While Florida Georgia Line getting off country radio airwaves may sound like a lot of prayers have been answered, don’t get TOO excited. It’s all strategy to promote their new album….which will be “another sound changing country music sound.” Oh good.

And the fact that both members are recently married and it seems they are ready to step back and enjoy the success they have achieved with their new families. The duo plans to take a break before releasing their next project.

“We’re gonna give some time from country radio, give it a rest for a second,” Brian Kelley recently told reporters.

“We haven’t done that since we came out, really. We tried to do that with ‘Dirt.’”

Tyler Hubbard added to the convo, “It won’t feel that way. [We] say that every time we get done [with a new album] ‘We’re gonna take a break.’”

And for those worried their new music might lack….well Brian went on…

“I think our music is on another level from anything that we’ve ever done. I think content, lyrically, musically,” he shared.

“I think the next single, I’m not even gonna tell you the title, but I think it’s going to change country music again.”

So, I guess it’ll be worth the wait?


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  1. janetnave@gmail.com'
    janet nave

    They make me sick. Their “music” all sounds the same.

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