Female Focus Friday: April Kry Covers Carrie Underwood’s “Smoke Break” (Watch!)


It is pretty impressive that April Kry has already learned the lyrics to Carrie Underwood‘s new single “Smoke Break” and that her guitarist has already learned the chords. It is even more impressive that April was able to turn the song about learning to let go, if just for a moment, into something with her stamp on it.

April made the move to Nashville, Tennessee, after spending her childhood as a singer and learning that her heart and passion were, indeed, in the art of singing, songwriting, and playing guitar. Already having released her EP, Music Speaks, and a single, “Fireflies,” April has made her mark on the rising stars of country music and solidified her place among some of Nashville’s finest up and comers. While the talented, adorable, and kind artist is continuing to make her way in Music City, showing off her original work, there is no denying that April has the innate ability to adopt powerhouse artists’ songs and turn them into her own works of art.

Watch April Kry magnificently perform Carrie Underwood’s brand new single, “Smoke Break,” here: