Exclusive Interview: Jessie James Decker Talks New Single, New Album(s), and Her Busy Life


Jessie James Decker may be pregnant with her second child, caring for a one and a half year old, and supporting her husband’s (Eric Decker) NFL career, but all of these familial obligations won’t keep the hardworking twenty-something from achieving dreams of her own. In fact, all the while she is playing the role of amazing mother and loving wife, Jessie is releasing new country music and launching swimsuit and clothing lines.

One of the things Jessie prides herself on is being able to strike an even balance between her career, her husband’s career, and their personal lives. Luckily for the Deckers, each of their respective jobs peaks at opposite times.

I feel like we find such a good time to balance. As soon as football season is over, I’m going on tour and he gets to go on the road with me. I feel like we just kind of take turns with what we’re both doing, that way we can both be there for each other and our kids.

In those times when the Deckers have to separate due to their individually hectic schedules, Jessie explains that the two make sure to remind each other often and always of their mutual love. Advising a fan who is a military wife on how to avoid an overwhelming sense of loneliness during those times apart, Jessie explained:

The phone calls and the FaceTime, those are great, but I think what’s fun is to send each other notes and . . . send goody boxes and care packages, things like that. . . . It gets exciting when you know you have a package in the mail from your loved one. I know that Eric has posted a picture of me leaving a little love note for him before he went out to football. You know, just little things like that to keep each other on each other’s mind.

When the happily married couple is able to be together, they prefer spending time at home, and that lifestyle is what inspired Jessie’s current single, “Lights Down Low.” In fact, rather than going out, sitting in a bar, or attending events, the two like to have their own private parties in the sanctity of their home. So, when Jessie sat down to write her next single, she channeled those special moments with her husband as she penned the lyrics.

There’s so many times when we do just make pancakes for dinner, and we take bubble baths, and we have wine alone together, and it’s just us, and it’s just so much fun because we are just so wrapped up in one another.

The honesty and candidness of the Deckers’ home life is appearing to serve as a catalyst to Jessie’s next career mile marker. While Jessie’s song came from a very deep and personal place, it became clear rather instantly that her fans were able to relate their own lives to her words. Perhaps the point of realization was the moment “Lights Down Low” soared to Number 1 on the iTunes chart on the date of its release.

I feel like with “Lights Down Low,” I wrote it because it was so intimate and real to me that I was so flattered to know that so many people liked it and bought it because when they heard it, they felt the same way too.

With the 2015 releases of “Clint Eastwood” and “Lights Down Low,” fans have been wondering whether a full-length album is in the works for them to buy, as well; and the answer is yes … and yes again. That’s right – Jessie has two albums in the pipe, one of which is a Christmas album that will be released this holiday season. The second album that has Jessie in the studio is anticipated to be released in Spring 2016, giving the busy artist plenty of time to settle down after the birth of her baby boy and take her music right out on the road for her fans.

I start going on tour in March, so I’ll probably have everything out and released by then. But, definitely expect the Christmas album in early November.

Wow. Just listening to Jessie speak about her life and career plans can exhaust anybody, and, as they say, but wait, there’s more. Recently, Jessie also undertook the role of designer and entrepreneur, launching a swimsuit line called Jessie James Decker for Amore and Sorvete (“love and ice cream” in Portuguese). The suits Jessie has been designing are selling out left and right, much to her excitement because it proves to her that consumers are appreciating what she is creating. Following Amore and Sorvete, Jessie will also introduce new items in her clothing and accessories line, Kittenish (with Kora Rae), to the public this Fall.

Jessie James Decker can best be described as a talented, hardworking, loving, caring, and confident individual who knows exactly who she is, who she wants to be, and where she is going. Whether it is a cover shoot for American Baby Magazine (September issue), a new single, the release of two albums, the launch of two businesses, the birth of a new son, cheering in the stands for her husband, or spending quality time at home with her beautiful family, Jessie embraces every moment of her life and has found the ability to juggle it all seamlessly. To that end, Jessie is a proponent of always being herself and remaining as authentic as possible.

Always be real and authentic because that’s my personality and you’re gonna see that in my music, you’re gonna see that when you meet me in person. Be you!

While the world was able to scratch the surface of who Jessie was through her reality show on E!, the depth, determination, and drive of one of the most tireless ladies in the business is immeasurable and we are thrilled to see her continue to enjoy greatness, because she deserves it immensely. Follow Jessie James Decker on social media for all musical, entrepreneurial, and personal updates: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and website.

Watch Jessie perform “Lights Down Low” at U-verse CMA Fest:

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