Dustin Lynch was an autograph practicing fool…


We’ve all done it at one point in our life. You get a sharpie and a blank piece of paper and practice signing your autograph “just in case” you make it big. Lucky for Dustin Lynch that autograph practice came in awfully handy.

He told ABC Radio:

“Man, signing autographs was nerve-racking. Man, how do I sign my name? You don’t think about that. I want it to look cool. I’ll have people come back with the same shirt, our first T-shirt we sold, and they’ve seen me five times, and you can see the progression of my autograph,” Dustin explains. “It’s a lot more round and loopy now than it was. Used to, it was a D, a line, an L and then a line, and now it’s just a D and an L. Now, I’m really efficient.”

And by efficient he means hitting up as many people as he can. So, no worries if there’s a long line…Dustin is trying to reach ya.

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