Luke Bryan?! Is That YOU Gyrating on Dierks Bentley’s Stage?!


Only at a Dierks Bentley concert will you see the artist 1) shotgun a beer on the stage; 2) invite a fan on the stage; and 3) shotgun a beer with said fan. This is perhaps why Dierks has one of the most entertaining shows a country music fan can attend.

Recently, at Dierks’ Birmingham, Alabama show, the stage was set for the routine shotgunning to occur. However, even the singer of “5-1-5-0” had no idea what kind of cray cray he was about to witness upon his invitation to a man in the front of his crowd.

As the already intoxicated Alabama man climbed on the stage, he took the opportunity to show off dance moves that are potentially the choreography for a Magic Mike audition. Of course, the headliner of the Sounds of Summer Tour wasn’t about to let the gyrating wannabe Channing Tatum off without calling attention to his “talents,” so, as he is ordering two beers to be brought to the stage, he pointed out the background dancing taking place.

Watch below, prepare to be entertained, and keep in mind that the tour’s name may quickly change to Shirtless Summer Tour, considering this man’s cameo and Dierks’ recent bare-chested social media candy he’s been serving up.

And, as Dierks points out in the video, you may also notice similarities between Luke Bryan and the dancing fan. Luckily for Dierks and his legal team, Mr. Magic Mike had no problem staying on the stage, unlike somebody else…



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    Parker Woody

    Haha thats me:P belive it or not, I was sober at that point, and iv never seen magic Mike movies lol I definitely will now though! #foreverafan #dierksbentley #magicmike -parker woody

    1. Jen Swirsky

      Haha! LOVE IT! You should take your show on the road!

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